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Good day folks,

I have a few questions, and I hope that I might get some answers here :)

Is glucomannan approved by the Food and Drug Administration? I have heard it is, but it seems that I can't find this anywhere :/ 

Is this true? If it is, then this one must be healthy and good, if it is approved by FDA? Do you have experience with it?

My sister used to use this one, and she is satisfied with it. But, yesterday, one of my friends told me that this one is not approved by the FDA. Now, I am confused.

Let me know.

Thank you!



that is totally wrong information. Your friend is not right about this. Glucomannan is FDA approved since 1994. You can find this everywhere on the internet. We used it in food, drink and almost all cosmetics. So, it has been approved as a food additive and since 1996 as a binder in meat products. So, in this case, you don't have to be worried about it. Because, it is quiet silly that what she told you :)

It is ok, it is approved and it is safe :) 

Those are a facts, and you can say this to your friend :)

Have a nice day!



Good day,

it is approved almost from everyone :) It is safe, don't worry.

You can find all of these information on FDA official website as well. That is the best prof that you can find and tell someone.

I don't know why she told you this, because that is absurd :) Maybe she found this information on the internet, because you may find somewhere that FDA did not approved any product that contains glucomannan. You can find a lot of information like this, but I am sure that I found information on FDA official website that is approved.

What do you think, do you know anything more?