Good news for obese walkers! Strolling can help obese adults to burn more calories than brisk walking. Moreover it might lower the risk of arthritis and injuries to the joints.

After research in Colorado University in Denver, doctoral student Ray Browning and his colleagues studied 20 men and women of normal weight and 20 considered obese as they walked set distances at different speeds. They found the obese people burned more calories walking at a slower pace for a longer time than walking at a faster speed.

It’s recommended a slow walk for 30 minutes at a time, daily. So forget your car, just go out and walk every time you have the time for it.

According to National Center for Health Statistics it’s about 60 million Americans age 20 or older who are considered obese. Their health care costs amount to about $100 billion a year, according to the American Obesity Association.

However, we don’t want to bring you back from exercise what will help you to decrease the risk of heart disease and other chronic illnesses. Anyway slow walk can help people stay active while easing the stress on their joints. Obese adults are more at risk for knee osteoarthritis, which can cause painful stiffness.

The experts are still speculating is it better for obese people to walk with a straighter leg so the skeleton -- rather than muscles -- support their weight, or that they walk with shorter, faster steps.

If researchers can unlock the answer, they can find ways for people to spend more energy simply by walking -- and sometimes by walking slowly.

The final message is GET OUT AND WALK! I doesn’t matter, easy walk or fast, just go out and walk, take time for it, because with time this positive habit can save your life!