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Hello girls and guys,

Depends on who wants to talk about weight and diet programs :)

Can you tell me what is the best way to purchase glucomannan for weight loss? My aunt Mellisa wants to try it, but she has no idea how to fit it in her life :) And, I mean it. She is so confused, but overweight and depressed because of it.

Now, somebody told her that glucomannan is great choice, she asked me, but I didn’t know what to tell her.

If you know something about it, please answer :)

Thank you for your time!

Enjoy your day! 



There is not “the best way”. First, you need to consult your doctor, do your body and blood tests. Find out can you use some weight loss product or not. That is all wisdom about diet pills. I must say that glucomannan is OK, but you always need to find out are you allergic to some ingredients or not, so then you are one step closer to find out can you purchase glucomannan for weight loss or not.

I hope that you can because I see how much you are interested in it.

Good luck with it. I hope that everything will be just fine. 




Thank you very much about this. Some of my friends told me that there is the best way to purchase glucomannan for weight loss, and I was like “why”. OK, thank you because I know some new things. I have to say that I read a lot about glucomannan for weight loss, and it seems really ok to try something with it.

My mother was using glucomannan and she lost 24 kilograms in 5 months, which is totally ok. Thank God, she is very healthy, so she has no problems with it.

Have a nice day and feel free to inform me more about this issue.