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Hello everyone,

Because I always go around telling everyone that I need to lose some weight, but I don’t earn a lot of money to afford some diet pills and some extra weight loss or anti cellulite treatments :) my husband and my kids bought me amazing gift for my birthday – two packages of glucomannan and coupon for two anti – cellulite treatments :) How cool is that? :)

The problem is that I really don’t know how to use glucomannan for weight loss :)

I was hoping that you can tell me more about this, because if I don’t start to use this very soon, they will be seriously mad at me :)



Well, this is one amazing gift. That means that they do listen what are you talking about and that you are fat :) Lol.

Joke aside :) Unfortunately, it is not always so easy to achieve what you want, and very often long term success is rare. If you have tends to gain weight, you should constantly work on your weight. Glucomannan is the best choice you could ever get. It is totally natural, it is water – soluble dietary fiber extracted from the roots of konjac.  It has a very low calorie content, it takes up space in your stomach, so you can feel full all the time, and it reduces absorption of protein and fat. That is how it works :)

I hope you can find my comment helpful! 



Hey there,

Don’t worry. I will not throw this gift away :) Yes, it is nice when you know that your family is listening to you :) Great feeling.

Thank you for your information, I will use this as you told me to. I have heard that this one has really healthy benefits, so I must say that I am really happy about it.

Anyway, my sister in law also bought me glucomannan and she brought me a lot of flayers about glucomannan, and she told me that this is in case if I don’t know how to use it :)

So, now I will try to learn hard what I can do with glucomannan.

Tnx  lot!