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I was with my boyfriend a week or two ago and i gave him a bj and he came in my mouth but some of the cum got out and he wiped it off himself, after he wiped it off he fingered me. I am not sure what to do because on February 22nd i got my period, then March 28th, and it is April and i have not gotten it. I am worried if its even a possibility i can be pregnant. I need a lot of help so if anyone could get back to me ASAP it would be much appreciated! I dont know if its possible that his cum can get me pregnant. People say sperm dies when it hits the air, is that true? Please Help!!!


Dear horses

It's not true that sperm dies when it hits the air. In fact, the sperm is still in the semen. If he fingered you he could have transferred sperm into your vagina, and you could get pregnant.

However, with periods starting 22nd Feb & 28th March, a 34 day cycle is indicated, so you next would be due 1st May. That indicates ovulation on 16/17th April. A week ago is 22nd April, which would probably not be a fertile day, but 2 weeks ago is 15th April, which would be a fertile day.

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Yes it is possible to get pregnant but it depends on several different factors though like how much was on his finger how long before he fingered you had if wiped it at all first.
As for sperm dying as soon as they it the air no its not true all the time they remain wet there alive.
If you want more answers feel free to ask