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I don't know if I'm pregnant and I'm terrified! So facts about me before I start: Virgin, 14, grade 9, only had my period once [just started getting my period, end of last month] Okay, so when I was in the bathroom I went to go throw out my linear in the bathrooms garbage can. I felt a tissue that was sorta wet [50% sure it was cum, could've been a snot rag!] without thinking i touched something a bit wet on the tip of my finger, I get toliet paper to wipe myself. I'm terrified if it was cum, that it got on the toliet paper and got on my VAGINA, somehow getting into myself, making me pregnant. This happened 4 days ago and I'm beyond stressed and paranoid, I'm being depressed over the thought I may be pregant. PLEASE PLWASE PLSASE HELP! Apparently when cum hits the air, it dies fast? And that apparently you need 3mm of cum to make you pregnant? and it'd have to be squirted inside of you? Please help! :(


The chances you getting pregnant seem very remote. But let me go into detail of what you said:

  1. "only had my period once ... end of last month" What date did it start?
  2. "I went to go throw out my linear" Your what?
  3. "50% sure it was cum"
    • Why do you think that?
    • Who's cum did you think it was?
  4. "i touched something a bit wet on the tip of my finger, I get toliet paper to wipe myself"
    • So explain the chain of events better.
    • At what point did you use the toilet?
    • How do you wipe, because any sperm on your finger would be transferred to the toilet paper, and the other side of the paper would probably touch your body.
    • Sperm only swim; they need liquid.
  5. "if it was cum, that it got on the toliet paper and got on my VAGINA"
    • Do you mean vagina (the tube that connects your womb to the outside world?
    • On the entrance?
  6. "somehow getting into myself" There would have had to have been liquid for the sperm to get into your vagina. Urine would kill the sperm, but you presumably wiped the urine on the toilet paper. The only liquid you be your vaginal secretions. Unless you were quite aroused there would not be much at the entrance.
  7. "making me pregnant" That would only happen if sperm got into your vagina at a fertile time.
  8. "This happened 4 days ago" 9th May? As you have just started periods, it is difficult to be sure, but I imagine it was not a fertile time.
  9. "Apparently when cum hits the air, it dies fast?" Cum doesn't die. Cum is semen which includes sperm. Sperm does not "hit the air". If sperm in ejaculate were to die, how are tests done on the viability of sperm in laboratories?
  10. "you need 3mm of cum to make you pregnant?" Rubbish. You dont measure liquid in linear measure. You wouldn't say I drank 3mm of milk. A full ejaculation is only a teaspoonful anyway. And it only takes one sperm to get you pregnant.
  11. "it'd have to be squirted inside of you?" Not so. Girls have said on here that they got pregnant and they were still virgins.

I don't think you need to worry. But please feel free to ask more questions. If there is anything I have said you don't fully understand, just ask.

If you want to better understand how your body works, again, just ask (privately if you prefer)

I hope this helps



You think I'm okay? You said that my urine wouldn't killed the sperm when I wiped anyways + it's just been stressing me out and i doubt it was actually cum, it's just i stress over everything really and I've been scared out of my mind.


Would** kill the sperm?


Yes I do think you are okay. Urine is not a spermicide as such, but with the scenario you present (although you haven't responded to my comments) it would appear that with the small amount of sperm that might possibly have been involved, the chances are that if your urine cane into contact with it, it would have killed it.