hey my name is georgia,i am 16 years old and i have a fiance i am currently with.i started my period when i was 11 and they all have been on point,never missed a beat.me and my fiance have been having sex without protection and my last period date was august the 11th and its been 3 months and still no period,spotting but nothing major. my breast have gotten big and heavy,my clothes are tight,i have recently began to get red stretch marks on my tummy,i feel sick sometimes,a lil trow up but i took 3 at home pregnancy test and 2 at the doctors and they all ssay negative, my mother ask me have i been turned on or feeling the need to have sex again my answer was no i have not had sex in 3 months and i dont feel the need to at all. my mother and other people say that my hormone level could be low thats why the pregnancy test cant detect my urin. but i have not been feeling the same as i did befor i missed  my periods. im always sleepy and hungry, i have the urge to puke IDK ME AND MY AUNT WENT THROUGH  a pregnancy book and i have all the symtoms of a pregnant woman...COULD I BE PREGNANT EVEN IF THE TEST SAY NEGATIVE???