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Hi, I dont seem to have much luck with getting replies on these things, so i'll try & keep it

Im 23, Ive been having many preg symptoms - Nausea, headaches, increased appetitite (for icecream, milk, etc -usually i hate sweet things), mild cramping in lower abdo, lower back pain& hip pain, peeing more frequently. My boobs seem the same though, nipples slightly darker around outside (but i did go on the sunbed the other wk) - They do feel slightly more sensitive and keep getting shooting pains, but not sore to touch. I did have more discharge (sorry to mention) a few wks ago, but not anymore. I lost 4 lbs the other wk (in one wk) despite eating more (strange because not been exercising much either).

These symptoms have been going on for 4 1/2 weeks, i firstly thought i had flu, then they found i had a uti (was given antibiotics, all clear now), had various blood tests for other things as i also have swollen neck, armpit & groin glands, but theyv all come back normal. Ive done 3 HPTs (spaced out by 4-7days) - all negative. The doc has also done a urine preg test - negative. Shes running a blood test for pregnancy now, so im just waiting and going crazy in the process (either way I dont mind - im just so frustrated with feeling so ill & getting no explanation).

BTW I've been on the pill for 2 1/2 years - started my next pill packet 1 1/2 days late in dec, then me & my fiance got a bit carried away the next night - around the time i would be ovulating (although shouldnt ovulate on pill). I had a "period" the next month when finishing my next pill packet -this seemed slightly heavier than usual but only lasted 2days instead of 4+. I started my next pill packet as usual, but stopped it after just 2 weeks (instead of 3) as was so worried i was pregnant - i therefore had a bleed, but this was very strange lasting 1-2 days, &was v different - maybe coz i came off pill early??

Im sorry this is not short at all, Im just so frustrated with not knowing - i know ill find out from doc this wk, but i cant imagine her saying i am for some reason - but i feel so strongly that i am - ive thought this in the past & been wrong, but i only had a feeling then, where as now i have many strange symptoms & so far no answers.

Id really appreciate any advice or thoughts - thankyou in advance :-)


Well I'm obviously not doing v. well with getting replies, but i thought i would help those who pay also be going through the same thing and wanted to find out some outcomes....
So just to let you know, my blood test from the doc came back this morn - and it was negative, so not pregnant!!! Yay- for now....i shall save all that fun for after I qualify and me & the fella are married!