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I never had this problem before. But, several months ago I've noticed hair on my jaw and under my chin. It was light at first, but it was becoming more darker and coarser. I went to the doctor and he diagnosed me with PCOS, saying that hirsutism is one of the symptoms. I've tried shaving it but the hair was becoming thicker and darker as it's been growing. This makes me losing my confidence.

Can you recommend me more efficient treatment for facial hair removal? I'm really desperate.




If you don't have a lot of hair on your chin (like some men) the best thing you can do is tweeze them out.  That prevents ingrown hairs and a sort of pimple like formation when they become ingrown.  The other thing you can do is use a depilatory.  I use depilatories for my bikini line.  They make ones specifically for that and leg hair in extra strength form.  One such product is Sally Hansen.  I've used her products and I think they work well.  Now, they have facial depilatories as well for the upper and lower lip as well as side burn area.  These depilatories are made specifically for these areas.  They work and are gentle to the skin.  The more you use them the finer the hair becomes over time and may disappear all together.  These products are available at your local discount store like Target etc and pharmacy stores.