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HI All,

HOpe wriitng here helps me beat my stress.

Me and my girlfriend had protected sex on Saturday. 2 days later - MOnday evening while workin out in gym, she all of a sudden felt a bit dizzy. The dizziness continued off and on couple of time on Monday night and Tuesday morning. Tuesday noon she puked a bit. We immediately checked with the pregnancy tester, and it turned negative. Her last period were fine and regular on 20th August, and we had intercourse on 8th September. Another 10 days for her periods.My question to whosoever who can help me here is, that is there slightest possibility that my girl is pregnant within 2 days of our protected intercourse..COnsidering the fact , that our last protected intercourse was after her last periods, and the preg tester is negative. I somehow feel it is totally impossible to consider these signs of dizziness and puking are for pregnancy, especially within 2 days of intercourse.


PLease share your views.


Hi Guest,

You need to wait at least 2, preferably 3, weeks after having sex for the pregnancy test to be reliable.  It takes some time for the hormone, hCG, the test looks for to rise high enough to be detected.

You had sex on day 18 of her cycle.  Normally she would ovulate between about days 11-16.  48 hours after ovulation, around day 18, the egg is not viable and can not be fertilized.  

As you said, it was protected.  The timing is questionable.  Her other symptoms are not specific to pregnancy.

I don't think she's pregnant from what you've posted.

Hope it helps.