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Hey, its tuesday night, last wednesday night my g/f and I were fooling around (we havent had sex), my penis was rubbing up against her vagina, we were both naked. During this time i actually had prostate inflammation (so my tubes were alittle messed and sore) and DID NOT cum on her. I did afterwards, not anywhere near her vagina, then washed my penis, urinated(which would clean out any leftover sperm right) and went to sleep. hours later, we woke up and did the same thing, of course there was pre cum, but i didnt cum on her and washed/urinated after. another 3 hours later we were rubbing naked again...could she be pregnant? I'm wondering because on Thursday (the day after) she started feeling sick, dizziness, lack of appetite, neusea, stomach ache. There has been a stomach flu going around with those symptoms, but I'm still not sure. Its another week or so til her expected period too. What do u think the probability of her being pregnant is?


I am 8 days late on my period. We had a protected sex with my boyfriend. Could I get pregnant?