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Hey guys I really need ua help me n ma gal wer playin around 3 weeks go v tried to f**k but ma penis didn go in precum was Der on ma dickhead will tht get er pregnent ? I didn touch her vagina n she's 3 days late on her periods I'm really freakin out I'm 18 n don wan tht tension now I need all ua answers


Precum CAN contain sperm - how much no one knows as we can't see it! A girl CAN get pregnant from ANY unprotected sex - either for a second, dry, or just the tip! As long as you didn't put even the head of your penis inside her vagina, she is NOT pregnant! She might be worried - and thus causing her period to be late! Tell her she's not and go for a walk or have a hot bath etc. something to take her mind off of it, then her period should come on! Just remember this feeling, and promise yourself to NEVER EVER have sex or anything close to it without wearing a condom - in this day and age a pregnancy could be the least of your worries! Good luck and health to both of you!