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Hi,i've been reading this site and some of you people seem pretty helpful and i was wondering if anyone who knows anything about my situation,what to do? Well i've smoked weed for about 3years now and im nearly 16 so i started fairly young, i have to jump out of bed in a morning to go to the bathroom to heive and struggle to breath coughing lumps of tar up with my flem, and its been going on now for 6months i've came to a dead stop 5days ago on smoking weed to get my head a little straighter but i'm still smoking ciggartes, i haven't consulted a doctor yet but i think i'm going to consider going to see one, is my life at any big risk by any chance?


Hi 0115,

Smoking has risks, even smoking pot.  You are likely coughing up tar.  You have a "smokers cough."

If you stop smoking completely, which is your best option, your lungs will eventually clean themselves out.

Hope it helps.