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Without taking a test and instead just looking to see if your cervix is closed? I had an exam the other day and I didn't want to bring up the topic of pregnancy as it always makes me sick to my stomache and sick for day sto come, but I should've just asked for a test anyways. I was hoping that she could see and if it looked closed she would have said something. I am now on BC and I don't know how that effects pregnancy either. I had a normal period...a little heavy, but normal enogh exactly 10 seconds after I had unprotected(only foam) sex.


NO there is really not a VISUAL pregnancy test, you would need a urine or blood test!

Birth control will not affect pregnancy, but if you are on it obviously you don't want to be pregnant, right?

BIRTH CONTROL is close to 99% effective when taken every day, and no pills are missed.