Hi 2 weeks ago I took a pregnancy test (clear blue) came back as pregnant so I was really excited went to the doctors which she then booked an midwife appointment for the following week. I was wondering how far I was so I took another clear blue test that tells you approximately how many weeks you are it came back as 2-3 weeks. That week Thursday I woke up heavily bleeding then went to the hospital they then checked me out and one doctor said my cervix was closed and it was dark blood so nothing to worry about cause that means it old, later on that day I went back to hospital with really bad pains in my belly and having really bad blood clots second doctor checked my cervix and said that it was still closed but when she checked the ulta-scan the baby was 7-8 weeks in measurements and there was no heart beat I was so upset. The doctor has booked me another scan this Thursday she says that I need to prepare for the worse and that I was in a process of an miscarriage. I'm still bleeding now but no blood clots and pain. I'm wondering could the doctor be wrong in measurments on the ulta-scan? And is there any chance there could be a heart beat? Thank you