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Hiya everyone!
I have just joined and i am needing some advice!
Me and my partner have been trying for a baby since september 2007
i had been on the pill for about 5-6 years and i thought it would take a while for my body and cycle to get back to normal.
Howver my cycles have been all over the place! My logest cycle has been 52 days!! You can imagine my dissappointment after each missed period (even up to 3 weeks late) the tests were still all negative!!
My last period was 15th June but for the past week i have had PMS type symptoms but more servere than usual and lasting much long. My boobs are extremly heavy and painful and my nipples i cant even touch! Plus ive been dizzy and had a yellowy discharge too (i normally dont have any!).
Me and my partner have sex atleast once every oter day. If i am pregnant how soon can i tell????? how early does it have to be in pregnancy before a test says positive??? Thanks a bunch!! :-D


Since your cycles are funky, it is extremely difficult to decide when is a good time. If you are expecting a period on one day, a First Response test can detect is as early as 5 days prior to that day, I believe. (Look up First Response just to be 100% sure)

However, I would wait until a week AFTER the day you are supposed to get a period to take either an HPT or a pregnancy test administered by a doctor/medical assistant, because I know that they are 99% effective if done properly. The reason you need to wait about a week is because of patterns of hormonal secretions.

I know you can't wait, and who can blame someone for lack of patience when you WANT to be pregnant. Go to and get some information on that. If you decide to take it, go ahead, and be sure to come back to tell us what happens!



Hi Sammy,
Thanks for the reply!! I think its just a case of being paticent isnt it?? (something im not good at!!)
Ill take a look at first response and let you know if i go ahead with it!!
Thanks!! :-D