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Me and my boyfriend were fooling around on Mar 26 (on day7 of my menstrual cycle).I am still a virgin.We have not had sexual intercourse at all. but there is a chance his semen might have been around my vagina.Being new to love making,we panicked and i took an emergency contraceptive the next day.It is now May1 and i still havent got my periods(It's more than a week late).I had a lot of white discharge last week,but no brown discharge whatsoever. I heard that emergency contraceptive's can delay periods,but isnt a week too late?? I can also see no symptoms of periods,that i usually get,like period pains(backache and legache).My breasts were a bit tender for a day or too in between,but not too much.
Is there any chance that i am pregnant??And can virgins like me get pregnant if there is no sexual intercourse involved at all?? i am really worried about this. Please do reply.


Yes, you can become pregnant with penetration.  You are right to be concerned with semen deposited near your vagina.

Even a wet finger could carry sperm into your reproductive tract.