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I was giving my boyfriend a ha****b and he cummed, then he cleaned it up. After that he fingered me and I'm scared that he had some cum on his finger. Can you get pregnant from that? My period is usually late but it's really late this time.


You can certainly get pregnant from fingering if the inserted finger(s) had semen on it/them, and it happened at a fertile time.

Where did his cum land? How did he clean it up?

However, timing is critical.

  1. What date did this sexual activity take place?
  2. What were the dates of your period starts in Jan, Feb, Mar, April?
  3. What were the dates of your periods expected to start in Jan, Feb, Mar, April?
  4. What was the date your period was expected to start in May?
  5. What do you mean by "My period is usually late" How do you decide they are usually late?