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my patner and i have been having unprotected sex nearly everyday and sometimes twice a day. my periods have been irreguler but the last couple of months they have been on the 24th of every month. i was due yesterday i havent come on. we had sex on the 24th unprotected. i have heard that you can only get pregant when you ovulate in the middle of your cycle, but then i have also heard that you can get pregant any time and even just before you are due on. but then you have to wait 2 weeks for a test to show a positive result. so i could be pregant now, or i could of conceived any day even yesterday. should i take a test? or wait 2 more weeks and see what happens? its all just so confusing. 


Hi Cinderella,

You can test now, since you are late.

Pregnancy is not instantaneous.  It can take several days for the sperm to fertilize the egg and then implant into the uterus.  The tests need time, as the developing fetus will make a hormone, hCG, that can be detected by the tests.  This hormone builds rapidly but testing early is likely to give you a "false negative."

You really can't get pregnant at any time.  You are most fertile when you ovulate.  Having sex from about 5 days before to 2 days after is the best time.  Sperm can live up to about 5 days so it would be ready, the egg, once released is only viable for 48 hours.  That's your best window.  Having sex just before your period is due is unlikely to result in pregnancy as the egg is no longer viable.  

Hope it helps.