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I have my periods on 7.10.2011 than i have unprotected sex on 17.11.2011 and on 03.11.2011 i had my periods which lasts for four days and was ok..after periods i have some unsual bleeding and i had done pregnancy test twice at home and result was negative. today is 03.12.2011 i suppose to have my periods but still there is no sign of it...can i be pregnant. (Please note i am aneamic and i have sand in my right kidney)


Hi am I,

Ok, 7 October you had a normal period.  You had another normal period on 3 November.  On 11 November you had sex.  That would be day 8 of your cycle. 

Sperm can live about 5 days.  You would normally ovulate between days 11-16 of your cycle (28 day).  If you ovulate early then there is a chance of pregnancy.  48 hours after ovulation, the egg is not viable.

Anemia can cause you to miss your period.

You can take a home test.  Follow all directions carefully and use your first morning urine.  It is more concentrate so more liable to give an accurate result.  If negative, and still no period in 7-10 days, retest.  If still negative, then see your doctor.

Hope it helps.