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my last period was April 12th 2013 but before that I was having pregnancy symptoms. My partner and I have been trying to conceive for awhile now. My breasts hurt, tiredness, headaches, food cravings and peeing a lot more. I had my period and still had these symptoms.I took two pregnancy tests before I started my period on the 12th, the first response test up to 6 days before a missed period but were negative. My symptoms are getting worse especially the tiredness and craving food that I normally wouldn't eat and if I don't eat for a little bit my stomach gets upset and I also am gaing a little bit of weight. I am so confused I just want someone's inout on this before I go to the doctor


Hi Boo,

Was your last period a normal period for you?  Was it lighter than usual, less redder than usual, last less days.

Some women experience bleeding throughout most of their pregnancy so it is not uncommon.  Best chances would be to get the blood test to check the HCG as it is more sensitive than the urine test.

How long have you been trying to conceive?  If it gets to be over a year, you and your partner should get your fertility checked.  Your husband will have a sperm count done and you will get  a full check up of all your internal lady parts.

Good luck and hope this helps