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Hello guys or should say girls? I have diabetes type 2 and my doctor put me on Byetta. I'm not even sure what Byetta is. I'm thinking about becoming pregnant and I've not sure how safe Byetta is when your pregnant. It's bad enough being diabetic. So, what about Byetta use during pregnancy? I'm getting all kinds of conflicting information. The information is so confusing. How do you know what is reasonable. You look one place on the Internet and then go another and it says just the opposite. Has anyone used Byetta during pregnancy? Was everything okay? Can anyone help me? I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks, thoroughly confused.


Hi Guest,

Byetta helps your pancreas produce insulin.  It isn't insulin by itself.

Regardless, the manufacturer clearly states "Tell your healthcare provider if you are pregnant or plan to become pregnant. It is not known if BYETTA will harm your unborn baby. Talk to your healthcare provider first if you are breastfeeding or plan to breastfeed."

There are possible side effects including inflammation of the pancreas.  Personally I can't see taking anything during pregnancy, more so one with unknown risks.  Insulin is produced by the body and would be safer - if you need it.  You don't indicate if you are insulin dependent.

Discuss it with your doctor AND your pharmacist (not the clerk).  They don't just put pills in the bottle, they graduate with a degree, usually a Bachelor of Pharmacology or a Doctor of Pharmacology.  They are trained to understand how drugs work and their reactions.  They are an often underutilized part of the health care team.

Good luck, hope it helps.



First off, Byetta is an injectable diabetic medication that is used to control diabetes type 2 and it is not insulin. It's often prescribed in early stage type 2 along with exercise and proper diet. You should know that Byetta is not for type 1 and shouldn't be used in children or individuals who kidney dysfunction.

If you are taking Byetta, then you know that the manufacturer Amylin Pharmaceuticals, Inc. has a registry for women who are pregnant and taking Byetta. The registry is for collecting information on women who are pregnant and taking Byetta and how they are doing during their pregnancy and any complications that may arise during or after delivery.

The FDA has labeled Byetta as a pregnancy Category C drug based on animals studies. It is not know at this time how Byetta affects pregnant women. When you begin thinking about becoming pregnant, talk to you doctor about what options you have. Your doctor will evaluate your particular situation and then make recommendations to you. When trying to find information, try going to a reputable source which really should be a highly rated medical site or your doctor. That's always your best bet. But, for now, I hope this will help well enough to get you on your way.