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Whenever I stand up too long I get dizzy,sweaty,hot, feel sick, and have blurred vision and dry mouth. I have to sit down otherwise I feel like I will throw up. But I have to sit down for a while for it to go all away. I don't even have to stand up too long it could be minutes or seconds and I just feel like that.


Hi Danielle, 

for how long has this been going on? And also, how often do these dizzyness attacks happen? They obviously can be very danherous since they can cause you to lose conciousness, fall and injure yourself - so it's very important for you to find out why are you having these attacks.

Depending on your age, it could be easily caused by something as simple as iron deficiency anemia. You can get a blood test for iron defficiency very easily and besides iron supplement, together with eating a lot of iron rich foods mainly meet, dairy products and, of course, spinach. 

Also if you're on a diet, low blood sugar can cauze you to feel exacly like you've described.