I first had my vertigo attack last year (2012) at the ending of december from standing up from my chair because i wanted to go to the toilet. Suddenly the whole room was spinning and i was unable to balance myself but when i removed my glasses, it felt better and the dizzyness stopped. But panic attacks after that. I've been to the doctor to have my blood taken and heart test. Everything was normal they said. In school, we have to assemble in a court every morning where we have to sit on the ground. I got permission from my teacher to sit on a chair but because i look physically normal, i am not allowed to do so frequently but they wouldnt understand my imbalance problems. I have to sit on a chair that has a backrest or i'd feel like falling My symptoms are: difficulty in focusing, light sensitivity, imbalance, difficulty in concentrating followed by anxiety attacks: difficulty breathing, lightheaded, hot/cold flashes, tight throat, numb head, fast heartbeat and fear of how long it is going to last. I just want to know how you guys cope with this everyday. It almost destroying my life and i need assurance that things will be fine.