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I have been having a hard time falling asleep at night because my heart will start to race or I will wake up out of sleep with my heart racing. It only helps to sit up and breathe deep for a while, but then it will start all over again. I read that this could possibly be a sign of heart failure. Can anyone help me understand this better?



How long this has happening to you? And do you get afraid of something or your heart starts to beat loud and rapid without any reason. This could be anxiety or panic attack! Have you ever been facing to something like this before?

For example I have a fear of tanning bad. I know that it sounds ridiculous but when I lie down and get that cover over my had my heart starts to beat rapid and I start to feel sweaty hands and one time I couldn’t stand to stay in the tanning bad longer than few minutes and I had to go out although the session wasn’t over (and I had paid for it!). Now I am avoiding tanning beds but I am aware that behind it is some trauma and that I had experienced panic attacks.