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Heard some saying you will have liver problems,when you eat too much ice like iam doing?how far true is that?



as far as I know, chances for ice eating alone to cause you liver damage are far too low - unlike the damage it might do to your teeth and stomach. Also, one important thing to consider is that ice eating could be a symptom you have iron deficiency anemia. It's very easily detected with a non-expensive blood test and to treat it you'll have to take iron supplements and eat more of the foods that are rich in iron content, mainly meat, dairy and of course, spinach. As soon as your iron levels get back to normal, the urge to eat ice usually pretty much disappears. 

Iron defficiency anemia happens more frequently to women, and besides this unusual symptom, this type of anemia also makes you look pale, feel week or dizzy. You should be able to note any of these symptoms, depending on how long have you been eating ice.