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Hi. My friend has been having some problem with his bowels and intestines. I think that doctors suspect he has celiac disease. I would like to know some normal ranges of celiac blood tests. Is it possible to find out these ranges? I will really appreciate all the help that I can get.


Hello there des1572,

If the doctor is suspecting that your friend is suffering from the Celiac disease he will do the tests which will show what is really going on. I am aware that you are worried for your friend, but by searching the internet for additional information you will only get upset not just yourself but your friend as well. His doctor has finished school and college to know what he knows and he will apply his expertise to get the right diagnosis.

So, be patient for few days and don’t worry too much. You need to be support for your friend and you can’t be supportive if you are worrying more than you should. Let us know about test results.