My husband has been battling an unknown disease for the past 8 yrs. We have been from doctor to doctor and no one can figure out what is wrong w/ him.
Just recently, we found that he has a problem w/ the mobility of his intestines. He has lost so much weight over the years and has become very malnourished.
He was recently put on a PIC line (feeding tube) to help him gain his weight and keep him nourished. He has been through numerous tests and exploratory surgeries that have left us hopeless. His symptoms include: bloating, nausea, vomiting, diahrea, weight loss, dehydration, pain in the lower back. He got to a point where he didnt want to eat and was eating maybe once a day. He has done tests which include: Upper and Lower GI, Barium tests, smart pill, ultrasounds, mri's, ct scans, blood tests and has had to re-do these tests over and over etc....Doctors have put him on Reglan, Erythomycin, All kinds of pills to try to stimulate movement of his intestines and nothing. We went to see a new doctor which gave us hope of finding the problem. He ended up having a surgery to remove a blockage in his intestines-but the symptoms are still there. They removed a piece of his small intestine and reconnected them. Sending a biopsy for further testing. Tests came back w/ no signs of cancer. Doctors have ruled out scleraderma, IBS, IBD, Ulcerative colitis, crohns disease, Celiac disease, Chronic Psuedo-Obstruction, and has now been diagnosed w/ Visceral Myopathy. We have been informed of a gastric pacemaker or GES-gastric electrical stimulation that may help. If anyone can help us with a cure, doctor or can help us narrow down an answer to his problem - we are willing to travel ouside of Houston,Texas. We just want to find answers to his situation.
Any help is much appreciated.