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I am wondering what happens at the 4 month follow up check after cervical fusion? i have an appointment next week and I am considering cancelling it. I am extrememly anxious about seeing my doctor and his nurse again. I had a cervical fusion four months ago. The surgery went well - I went home with some muscle relaxers and pain medication and I felt pretty comfortable the first three weeks. Then I started having terrible muscle spasm in my neck and back. I called the doctors office and the nurse told me that most of their cervical patients do very well and that the doctor doesn't give any medication that far out from surgery.
She told me to relax and take a hot shower. Well the pain was very bad - I could not move my neck at all and I did not sleep for four days at all. I called back a few days later I was crying and the nurse told me I just needed to relax - she said she could tell I was "wound up". At that point they did agree to give me a mild muscle relaxer and a few days worth of a sleeping medication but they made it very clear that I should use them sparingly because I was not getting anymore. I felt like I was being scolded for not being a good patient. My husband insisted that the doctor see me and he did agree to that but didn't even examine me or asked me what was wrong. He walked in and said "I know you've been asking my nurse for medication but I think you are just anxious. And then he waled out. Anyway, once I was able to start physical therapy I have begun to feel much better. I have worked hard and will continue my exercise but the idea of seeing this nurse and doctor again is very upsetting to me. I just want to forget this and get on with my life. So my question is - how important are the follow up visits and what exactly will the doctor do? Also, is this the usual way to treat a patient with pain following a surgery like this? What went wrong?
Thank you.


Ive been out of surgery 5 mos now.. I had from C5 thru C7 fused with 2 cadaver bones and 5 screws and 1 plate. I have seen my doctor once a month every single month since surgery and I am also xrayed each visit as well to make sure all is well. I still have difficulty swallowing but my voice was back with in days from surgery. My doc listens to me and reacts accordingly. This is/was not a simple surgery and therfore should not be taken lightly by anyone!

Ive been in PT from week 5 of post OP until recently. I still have pain in my neck across my shoulders, and at times swear someone is choaking me. Basically my life has been turned completely upside down, as I used to be a very active person. I lost my business I had for 10 yrs. And was told to now look for a new career. I am 40 yrs old this yr and starting over now seems impossible. And with the amount of weight I have gained due to not being able to move well due to pain is just awful.

I was put on Cymbalta an anti depressant due to my situation. It seemed to work the first month then all went horribly wrong. I slept 18 hours out of a day, didnt care about anything.. was still in pain.. I went inward and wouldnt talk to no one, didnt want to leave my house.. I would even call into PT canceling giving excuses.

I finally decided to quit that stuff cold turkey and thats when the real hell began. The withdrawls alone have set any progress I made back at least 2 months. Im in more pain now then ever. When you get the chance and want to hear some of the horror stories on that medication look it up on google. Meantime I will spare you the details.

If I were you I would be doing more then just complaining, I would report the SOB to the board. This is NOT a simple surgery! And you deserve much better! Infact I would call his 'nurse' and let her know that due to their behavior you have chose to seek another opinion and also will be reporting your ordeal to the medical board to see what they think. But that's just me.. hehe

You deserve MUCH better, please seek another Doctor!! They will send for your files and will be able to determine your needs from this point. You have that right... This is your body and you have to live in it each and every day... NOT them! This type of surgery is NOT a quick fix. It takes almost a full yr for the bone to graph over.

Good Luck, and take care!


Unfortunately you blogged under the wrong category.
Go to Muscular or Spinal issues category and read all the blogs posted for this type of surgery.
I had this (C-5,C-6) over two years ago and still undergo tremendous pain. Doctors are not giving me a diagnosis. In fact I am going for even more test today (the same ones I've already had over and over!).
I also had to quit my career after 30+ yrs. Soc Sec Dis is denying my claims becasue as of yet no doctor will say what is wrong with me. Could it be that they really do not know?
This is frustrating~
Please read the other blogs. Maybe something there might give you some more insight to what is going on.