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I had a cervical fusion exactly 4 months ago. I am still having chronic pain on the left side of my neck between the shoulder blade and neck with severe headaches at the back of my head. Right side is sore but no pain. I am wondering if anyone else has had the same sensations. My doctor seems to think I am crazy, but my therapist says she has encountered this problem in several patients, where one side heals and the other does not. The doctor has scheduled another MRI and c-scan to see if the fusion has taken. He informed me that my current status may be, this is as good as it gets?



Unfortunately I have suffered your symptoms and more since this surgery almost 3 yrs ago.
I have been to many specialist and doctors trying to figure out why I am in so much pain, have limited use of my neck and limbs, muscle spasms, and weakness. All of the MRI's came back good. I was ordered physical therapy (twice) with no success. I had "trigger point" injections that only helped for several hours.
I have been diagnosed with Myofascial Syndrome, RSD and Fibromyalgia.
Take your pick which one is causing me so much agony.
No treament seems to help. So in my case this is as good as it gets!
I had to quit work 2 yrs ago. There is no way I can work in this condition. Staying home is driving me crazy and leading to depression. I have worked since I was 16 yrs old....over 30 yrs ago.
You are still fairly fresh from surgery so I'd give it a little more time.
I hope for you, you will improve with time.
Best of Luck~