I had two level fusion C5/6-C6/7 nine days ago.  I wondered if anyone had heard about not wearing a neck brace.  My Doctor does not believe in any kind of neck brace as he feels it weakens the neck muscles.  I was in the hospital for 36 hours and was released with a pretty huge bandage and desolvable stitches under the skin and ster-strips covering the incision.  The only movement I was advised against doing was looking up in anyway and not to lift more than 5#'s.  My Doctor advised me to trim the streri-strips as they loosened up, not to force in anyway. I have almost removed all of the steri-strips except for what is directly stuck to the insision. I have followed all of the instructions to the T.  I feel pretty good, still having trouble swallowing (lump in my throat) and pain in my shoulders and at the base of my neck when I move around too much but think I am doing pretty good.  The numbness and tingling in my left arm has dimenished but is still there and the actual pain I had in my neck seems to be better.  My first post-op Doctor appt is next week (14 days after surgery).