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Okay here’s my question… when you ovulate and your egg or eggs drop.. How long after that can it be fertilized? Is the egg still able for fertilization like days before expected cycle.  With that being asked..Here’s my situation  My boyfriend and I had unprotected sex and he ejaculated in me…. there’s 3 days till my cycle is suppose to come… I’m not on birth control… so I’m just wondering what’s the chance.. if there’s one to becoming pregnant… or do I have nothing to worry about?


Hi Lily,

The egg is viable for only about 48 hours after ovulation.  If it isn't fertilized in that time, it dies.

Sperm can survive about 5 days.

Normally you'll ovulate between day 11 and 16 of your cycle.  Day 1 is when your period starts.  After about day 18 it is unlikely you'd get pregnant.

There is ALWAYS a chance however.

Hope it helps.