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I am 18 and a junior in high school. me and my boyfriend have been dating awhile and have been having sex awhile. we've been using a condom and nothing bad has happened. but recently we tried without the condom. it wasn't long and he pulled out but it was a week before my period and that's when women ovulate right? anyways, my stomach has been acting up for a couple of days now. no vomiting or anything but just feels funny. me and are boyfriend are staring to worry if i'm pregnant or not. so besides missing one's period what are other really early signs of pregnancy. also if i am, neither me, my boyfriend or my family are read so what options do i have in terms of abortion or miscarriaging.


Hi Guest,

There is always a chance of pregnancy with any sexual contact, but, no.  You do not usually ovulate a week before your period.  

Normally, you'd ovulate sometime between days 11 and 16 of your cycle.  Day 1 is when your period starts.  The egg is viable for about 48 hours after ovulation.  So after about day 18, you are not likely to conceive.  

You may notice some very light spotting (no pad needed) the week before you expect your period if you were pregnant.

FYI, Sperm can survive about 5 days so you can get pregnant having sex before your ovulate.

So, it isn't likely you'll get pregnant - this time.  Your symptoms are NOT specific to pregnancy.  Wait and see if you have your period.  If it's late, take a home pregnancy test.  

No need to think about the "what ifs" until you actually are pregnant.

If you intend to be sexually active using birth control every time will help reduce the risk of pregnancy.  Daily birth control pills are very effective.

Hope it helps.