My HIV exposure is as below:

6.5 years back i had a protected sex with a CSW in india.i used 2 condoms.initially i just kissed the outer lips of her vagina,but that too just for a fraction of a second,with no deep kissing.then i had protected intercourse with her that too only two in and out thrust.after 2 thrust i removed my penis and shagged with my right hand till i cummed.i remember that i had a small healing(non bleeding cut just near my thumb nail).
i m desperated to know whether HIV can pass thru the vaginal secretion(possibly very low) on the condom surface which was inserted in vagina to my cut near the thumbnail?and in this case healing cut was near my thumb nail ie on the top side of my hand and i shagged with my palm i guess probably there was no direct contact with the vaginal fluid on the condom

can this be a possible route of transmission?

how much minimum quantity of Vaginal fluid is required for transmission?

after this exposure very next day i had back pain and after few days i had extreme fatigue,body ache,pain in legs,pain in forearms,wrist ,skin rashes,etc..these symtoms lasted for few days.

body aches and pinching pains returns almost every year...its already 6.5 years passed after that exposure..i have never tested,as i belived i had a safe encounter with no risk..but worried abt the symptoms...plzz help and suggest

Also few important points need to be higlighted are as below:

i would like to clear few points:1)the healing cut was due to nail biting.i have a habit of biting the skin surrounding my finger nails.Important thing is that i shagged(*********d using the palm(underside of my hand,and the healing cut was at the bottom thumbnail.hence it is logical that my palms of my hand was in contact with the condom and not the top of the hand.3) i was not directly exposed to the fluid,since i did not perform fingering,i was just in contact with the condom which was used and which may contain some vaginal secretion(probably in small quantity).Do u agree that based on the detail description in above 3 points..what r the chances of infection.