English is not my native language so please bear with me. I have a question about possible risk of getting HIV/std virus through oral sex from HIV + woman living in Ivory Coast West Africa (age 46years/63 kg under medication without molars and premolars in her mouth). Here is the history of the episodes - She is positive and taking lamivudine/zidovudine 150mg/300mg and estiva-600 medicine according to her as prescribed by doctor. Regularity is question mark. - 4/5 weeks back she was massaging me she gave me below job and I ejaculated in her mouth after (1-2 min). She doesn’t have molars and premolars and I am not sure whether there was any blood in her mouth during that time.  I used my two fingers in her vigina to give her oral sex. Fingering was done rough and hard. She cum and I took out my fingers and I could see that there was blood and fluid on my fingers. Let me tell you that I don’t have any cut on my fingers as I double checked it. - Exactly 2 days later from first episode I used fingers and she cum and she gave me hand job only. I sucked her breast nipples for 2-3 mins and we hugged each other, I don’t know whether there was fluid came out or not from this sucking, my dental gums are bleeding. - Third time she gave below job 3 weeks back and I ejaculated in her mouth again. This time she sucked so hard on my penis, it was really painful.  I rub her vigina hard and inserted little deep inside. - No kissing during these three times. - I have no cut on my penis at all as long as I could see and it is circumcised - I was having little wound on my foot I don’t whether it is touched to any fluid after sex-- All three episodes happened during oil massage.

I came to know after 3 episodes that she is hiv +. I did a rapid test in the hospital and it came negative after 3 weeks of last incident. Please tell me, what is the chance to get HIV. What about STDs however she is on medication of HIV.