Pls. help --chronic 1 yr/2 derm. dr.'s & no diagnosis. Finger and Toe nail surrounding Skin: constant repeat cycle, skin is puffy & loose at cuticle, peels around finger n. /toe nail + tips(palm side), becoming hard. Black, sticky-ish debris forms under finger nail tips, overgrowth of thin skin forms along nail edges & cuticle. Trying to break up/separate skin from nails is a bit mealy or sticky. Fingertips get to looking dirty if I let it just go but eventually peeling. Where there's more flesh llike fingertips-palm side, it wants to harden &peel. Opposite is on nail side seems to be overgrowth of thin layer growing over the nail.
Appears to be a fungus? H. peroxcide to disenfect & 'stains' in white the affected area. This has also spread to my bottom lip---llikely from hand contact. Presents chonic lip-peeling, this blk debris scattered under lip & corners of mouth--like tiny specs during the sleep hours of night. Have a couple of bumps on lip - can see tiny black spec in them.

started symptoms a few weeks last yr after breaking my hand.

Hope you can help...very much appreciated. Donna in Seattle