About a week ago when I woke up my left hand felt as if I had grabbed a hot curling iron or something. My fingers on the inside were red only about half way up and a spot on my palm by my thumb was also red. It had a slight burning feeling. That lasted about 2-3 days and went away. Now my skin is peeling where the redness was only my fingers and a small part of my palm. And only the left hand. It does not hurt, is no longer red and does not itch. On one of my fingers the skin is hard. I have not been sick recently and I have no idea why this is happening. I do work at a grocery store in the Produce dept. so initially I thought maybe it was something I touched on the fruits & vegetables. But why only my left hand?

Also about 2 years ago I got a sudden rash on the outside of my hand and on inside of my wrist. It was only on my ring finger. After a few days the rash became blistered. Doctor said it was poison ivy, I disagreed because I hadn't been anywhere to contact poison ivy. It only lasted about 2 weeks and went away. I dont think my current issue has anything to do with that because it was so long ago. Any ideas as to what is going on with my hand would be appreciated, I would like to avoid going to the doctor!