Iam a 27yrs old female. I was in a car accident on 10/15/07. I went to the hospital & had an xray of my back & neck, they said they found nothing, the said it was just spasms and gave me pain meds. & fexeril. ON the 3rd day I return to the er because i was having bad back pain, I found out I was pregnant so all I could do was go to chiropractic, take pain pills, rest, take fexeril, physical therapy& pray. I had my baby in June and in July I was finally able to get an mri and the report stated a mild disk bulge with a superimposed shallow right paracentral protrusion and an associated annular tear at L5-S1. What exactly does that means? I have had 3 epidural injections & they have just made it worse. It feels like someone is stabbing me in the back, my legs hurt very bad to the bottom of my feet they also go numb. Also I have stairs in my house & I have fallin down them 3x's once with my newborn because my legs just gave out. It's so bad that it wakes me up out of my sleep.Please help me. What's next?