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Like the title says .... I wish I had found this site sooner !!!

In Sept 97 I was involved in a car crash when a car turned left in front of me. I knew something was wrong when I slammed on the brakes. I had the good fortune to have this crash at an intersection where a police car was in the lane beside me and (get this) waiting at the red light going the other direction was a fire truck and an ambulance. Upon arrival at the hospital (before my foot diagnosis) I found out I was pregnant. I was
diagnosed with a lis franc facture.

Surgery #1 was an open reduction to attempt to fix the fracture.
#2 was 16 weeks late (while still pregnant) to remove the hardware.
Since I gained a lot of weight, my arch collapsed and I developsed a lot of other problems.
34 weeks after the crash I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. The two suregeries and all the drugs etc had no negative effect.
#3 was to fuse 1st & 2nd metatarsal/cuneform joints. Also some tendon was removed from my achilles to be inserted on the side of my foot.
#4 was to fuse 2nd joint again since it didnt take the first time. Also my achilles tendon developed a nasty cyst.
#5 was to fuse 2nd joint since it didnt take the second time either. Also my achilles tendon developed another nasty cyst. (a resident described it as a rotten hotdog)
#6 was to fuse 3rd metatarsal/cuneform joints. Also I had developed a mortons neuroma, which was removed.
#7 was to fuse 3rd metatarsal/cuneform joints a second time since it failed the first time.

So .. where am I now? My midfoot is fused. But I have no pain.
My toes are pretty stiff as well - not a lot of movement. Three of my toes are totally numb since a nerve was severed to remove the neuroma. My Achilles is a little off but not bad.

Please to say, I had an awesome lawyer who got me a big cheque for this ordeal. I would have rather not have had the crash but life is pretty good ...considering.

aka - Shannon in Alberta


Hi Shannon: Welcome to the Lisfranc club! Follow these threads for a lot of information. The first thread is 15 pages full of information and the second thread is because the first thread got too full. I would really appreciate it if you would do all of your Replys on the 2nd thread.

Wow, I don't envy all you have been through. I'm truly sorry but happy about your little one! It must have been agony. Anyhow, maybe you can check out some of the urls for medical information that are posted on Part 1 and help share your experience with other Lisfranc injured on Part II. Welcome to our "Lucky?" club!

Some weblinks state that only 1 out of 55,000 persons present with a lisfranc injury so we're a rare breed.

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Cheers, Kelly