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I'm a 33 yo mother of 3. I have no diagnosed health problems other than pac's. I have health anxiety over my heart mainly. Its destroying my life. I have been to the er probably 100 times (EKG, xray, blood work), 2 cardiologists (EKG, holster monitor, echo, stress test) and everything is always normal. Everyday I suffer random pains in my chest and arm pain. The palpitations completely freak me out. I just want my life back and would appreciate any advice. The only thing the doctor offers now is a ct angiogram but the meds to slow the heart rate may lower my bp and I have low bp.


I've been dealing with gad, panic disorder and bouts of agoraphobia for 17 years. I'm a 30 yr old mom of one, but I also care for my bfs son. 

I have pretty extreme symptoms from the constant state of anxiety. Tight chest, chest pains, numbness and tingling in my arm, shoulder and neck, palpitations, skipped beats, racing heartbeat are just a few that are related to what you're going thru. I have many more, but for the purpose of answering your question I'll stick to those.

I used to drive myself completely insane with worries about my heart. I've had several ekg's, chest xrays, blood work like crazy, and I wore a monitor for a week once just to be sure. Every test I've ever had comes back telling me my heart is healthy. Doesnt seem like that's the case because of all my symptoms, but it's true


If you suffer from an anxiety disorder and you've already had so many tests that prove you to be healthy, yet you're still scared shirtless thinking they missed something or the test was taken at the wrong time, the test was faulty, and something is definitely wrong, then you're just like me. 

I know anxiety meds are pretty hard to succumb to, but you might want to consider talking to a psychiatrist or even a family doctor about getting on something like Valium. And then start therapy. Or have you already done that?



Thanks for your reply. It helps knowing I'm not the only one that deals with this. Right now its 5 am and I'm up with back and rib/chest pain. Rationally I know its muscular but my anxiety says otherwise.
I did used to be on Zoloft with xanax as needed. I've been thinking of trying to go back on that since I'm now at the point that I'm not really sleeping.
I'm just sick of being consumed with this 24/7 and thinking I'm going to die. Any sensation from my jaw to my bellybutton sends me into heart attack mode. The only time I don't notice those symptoms is when I'm worried about something else.