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My husband woke me last night worried because his heart was beating hard and his carotid artery on one side pulsing noticably also (he's 59) -
I had him take some aspirin, but, of course, he's already saying he doesn't want to go to the doctor if he feels better today - does this sound like something he should have checked out quickly?


I just recently had a series of tests at vascular surgeons office. Doppler of cartoid arteries, PAD test, and mild stress test on treadmill.

Office called me back in 2 days and told me Dr. said I had "mild artery disease". Two days later, I experienced what has been happening for

more than 2 months now. My arteries in my neck feel like they are being "squeezed"., pain radiates to left arm and chest. I had come up with a

"fix" for the symtoms myself, which consisted of taking about 1/4 teaspoon of "Capacian" aka Cayenne pepper, 1/2 asprin, and 1/4 of corgard.

I take the corgard to prevent supraventricular tachcardia, which I have had for years. This "potion" of mine, usually works. But last night, I almost

went to the E.R. as it lasted much longer than normal ....I am unsure if the vascular tests would've revealed anything else having to do with my

heart, but had read that the Capacian "cayenne" pepper can stop a heart attack in less than 5 seconds. I have been using this method when I get

relief from this problem for months now, and usually it works much faster. Also my heartbeat goes up, which the corgard is suppose to keep at a

normal rate. I know I should not smoke, but have been lately, due to a lot of personal stress going on in my life. Anyone ever had symptoms like

this before??  Last Night I was really getting scared.