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For about 3 days now I have been feeling like an elephant is sitting on my chest, I have trouble breathing and My heart races fast. I don't think it can be heart attack as I'm only 15, But Im worried to know what is causing it. Can anyone help? It goes on and off, I have anxiety but Im not sure if its just that.


Hi Toria,

It could be related to anxiety.  But it could indicate a cardiac problem or maybe something like asthma.

Are you feeling faint or lightheaded?  How's your general health?  

The problem is we can't know what is going on without an exam.  You really should see your doctor.  Just doing so should help reduce your anxiety level.

Good luck.



Get to the hospital immediately

The following are signs of a myocardial infaraction or angina.

Tightness, Pulling, or Pain in the Chest Area (First Sign)

Pain in the back of the chest

Pain in the right arm (or even both arms)


Shortness of Breath

Pain in the Neck or Jaw

Bradycardia (Slow heartbeat)

Fluttering in the Chest (May be a warning of Cardiac Arrest)

P.S. I've had this when I was a child, please get it checked out!