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I'm twenty years old, and two months ago I thought I was having a heart attack because I had a very fast heart rate all of a sudden and I felt an enourmous rush of fear, I was getting tingling in the end of my fingers and my arm, I have been to see the doctor three times and had an ECG, aparently there are no problems and these episodes are just panic attacks.

Since the first of these episodes I have noticed my heartbeat is very heavy and is very visible through my chest/stomach, so much so it's clearly visible through clothing, I have sensations towards the left area of my body from time to time and most worrying of all I have bleeding from my back passage.

I have given up smoking recently, have been of them for over six weeks now, I also used to smoke alot of cannabis but have given up also, so is there anything wrong with my heart? if not what?



i am 17 years old and the same thing happened to me just over a year ago. I was smoking cannabis, when suddenly my heart started beating really really fast and my fingers went numb, i had pains in my heart, didnt seem to have enough air to breathe and my chest went really really hot. I have been to seven doctors since they all say everything is ok. for a year i am not able to do sports and i feel bad whenever i smell smoke. I noticed that when i listen to music with loud base my heart starts hurting and goes of beat. Can someplease tell m what this is and how can it be cured?