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I had been sitting in a recliner on my computer and suddenly I started having sharp in my left shoulder each time I breathed. Real bad if I breathed deeply. Then it traveled to my arm, neck and jaw. My sternum was also affected. When I laid down the pain was so bad I had to sleep sitting up. It is not muscle related. Does not hurt to move my arm, just when I breath deeply. Pain has stopped in my neck and arm and jaw but not completely in my shoulder. It seems to get better, until I sit a long time. IB seems to help some but not completely. I've tried heat with no complete success. Thought I would try ice tonight.

Can you help?


any chest pain that is in the chest that goes to the shoulder , arm, neck and jaw should definatly be checked by a doctor, it could be stress, but any pain that travels could be a sign of something that is much bigger. be safe and get that check up!