I have a question regarding the accuracy of Chlamydia test I had done a few weeks ago.  I went to the doctor with symptoms not normally associated with an STD.  I had burning and tingling sensation in the testicles mostly when I sit that usually subsides when I stand.  No burning while urinating or discharge from the penis.  Had urine test 8 days after unprotected intercourse but the the sample was taken maybe 20-30 minutes after I had last gone pee.  Results came back negative.  I've read different things online, most indicating that the sample should be taken after not going for an hour or more.  Is there a significant increase in likelihood of a false-negative result from this?  One additional question.  Both doctors i have seen seem to say that most men do manifest some noticeable symptom of chlamydia which tends to be at odds with the literature online.  Could you clarify this a little.  Thanks.