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I have had constipation problems for years, but now I can't go at all. So finally after 12 yrs I went to a gastro. for a 2nd opinion. You see in 1997 I was told I needed surgery to connect my colon under my navel. I had no pulsing in my colon to help the bowels move thru and out.

So the new doctor she didn't feel I needed surgery. She told me that if I had a heart problem, I'd take medicine for my heart. She told me that if you have a consitpation problems you take medicine for the constipation.

That really made me feel better. I was using laxative 2 x a week. So she gave me Amitiza. After a week I called the Dr. back to let her know that I had not gone to the bathroom. .) I was so bloated, goodness). She now wanted me to add Magnesium Oxide to the Amitiza. So I did. Boy was that a mistake. I was so very tired, no energy and was nasuated on top of that.

I did this regime for 4 days and then called the good ole doctor back, and of course I had a no movement. I called them good ole Doc back. This time she took me off all of this medicines she had me onI was told she was giving me Lactulose, 30ml 3 x day.

Well so far after 4 doses my stomach is HUGE.. I weigh right now 9 lbs more than I did this morning. It really looks like I am 9 months pregnant but I am 59 and this pregant looking belly looks funny on a senior citiizen.
All I have had today is liquids. I honestly have not been hungry.

So my quesions are:

1) Should I be worried since nothing has worked so far?

I m going to continue with the Lactulose for a few more days, in hopes it works. I wish I had gas at this stage.. nothing for a long time. Don't eeven know how long it is that bad...

@) Does any one have anything like this?

I feel like I won't ever get relief. If I was not seeing this doctor, who is trying to help me, I'd be doing an enema.

I hope someone can help me. I need to know that someone else knows how I feel. I still fear surgery. IF anyone has informaiton on the meds I am on, or relatels pleae respond. Thanks....


i would go back and see your doctor - if you are as bloated as you say you are and haven't had a bowel movement for days you could end up with impaction leading to a possible perforation

lactulose is a de-bulking treatment, that helps to relieve constipation.

if i were you i would try taking something like movicol until you can see the doctor again and i wouldn't be leaving the doctors until you got a satisfactory answer.

if you aren't having bowel movements due to lack of motility (you said your bowel wasn't pulsing) constipation medication isn't going to do anything to help that problem.

you do need to eat though, the more fibre in your diet, the less constipated you will be!

try drinking prune juice as well!


I agree with the previous poster. You definitely need to see the doctor as soon as possible to avoid a more serious complication.

However, after this current situation is resolved, you may want consider other alternatives to help regulate your bowels.

There could be so much impacted feces in your bowel that cleaning it out may be the best option. Have you ever considered having colon hydrotherapy (colonic)?

Another option is to visit a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine, such as an acupuncturist or Chinese Herbalist. These treatments address the stagnation in your bowels, as well as an underlying imbalance that contributes to the condition.

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