Too many people experience infrequent and difficult bowel movements. Whether it is due to bad food choices, lack of fluids or some other reasons, difficult bowel movements can cause a lot of troubles like abdominal pain, bloating, straining, hard stools and worst of all-hemorrhoids.
Our miseries may end soon as the FDA has approved a drug that is supposed to treat chronic constipation. The drug is named Amitiza. Amitiza is made for sdults who suffer from chronic constipation with no apparent cause and will be available as capsule. It will be taken twice a day with food.
The drug’s work is to increase the production of intestinal fluid secretion, which should make stool passage easier.
The trials showed the patients started having more frequent bowel movements in the first week and continued for the next three weeks of treatment. The drug helped patients get rid of all symptoms after six to twelve months of use.
The patients reported relief from constipation severity, abdominal bloating, and discomfort.
As every drug has its adverse reaction, so does the Amitiza. The most common were headache, nausea, diarrhea, abdominal pain, and distension.