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My 2 year old daughter has been battling chronic constipation for over 1 year now. It is driving me crazy! She is normally has a wonderful personality...until 3 days after a bowel movement. She stops eating and turns into this awful, angry, crying, tempermental defiant child. Until she has a BM. Then she instantly returns to her fun loving self. This cycle is driving me nuts!

She's taking 20 ml of lactulose twice a day, and while it has improved the softness of her stool, it has not increased the frequency. If we are lucky, she has a BM every 4 days.

We are taking her to see a pediatric gastroenterologist, and he keeps pushing more and more lactulose. She's already at the maximum adult dosage.

When will this terrible cycle of constipation end?


The personality changes and constipation are linked. Though the fashion is for doctors (other than alternative-remedy advisors) to dismiss it, autointoxication from the colon and rectum does happen. It causes fatigue, headaches, acne, pallor, nausea and other short-term symptoms (but also a weakened immune system, and, in the very long term, colorectal cancers).  Absorption of faecal toxins into the bloodstream also the affects behavior - an erratic temperament is one of the first signs. Specialists in autism treatment pay a lot of attention to infrequent/incomplete bowel evacuation.