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Hi. I went to doc 3 wks ago for pain in hips and muscle spams in lower back (couldn't even hardly walk). they did and exray and said I was full of bowel and gas from top to bottom. There was a mass at top of colon. I had been moving bowel everyday except the day before. Was given linzess and another (amitiza... spelling? , took miralax several times increased veggies slacked off on meats drank more water......nothing. went back ,got a referral and started drinking magnesium citrate bowel cleanser. I move but only when i do the cleansing. Am worried that my body will only respond to this (as it seems to be). Moved my bowels once on my own at about day 5 but not since. then on my own. Pain is gone , I have less gas as before but just can't go on my own


How are you going now Donna?