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help guys dont know what is happening to me T.T


It begins before christmas, suddenly feel diarhea at that night so i take medicine for diarhea after that

next morning im feeling constipated.


Then after some weeks my bowel movement come back to normal


then it comes back again having difficulty in bowel movement 


now i have see that there are some dark specks or streaks in my stool and feels like my bowel is incomeplete


help me guys afraid of having colon cancer :( 


sorry for bad english :(


help me guys tnx!!



since you're only 19 years old, chances that these are the symptoms of colon cancer are far less likely than being signs of somewhat more benign conditions such as irritable bowels syndrome or Crohn's disease. In these conditions the typical symptoms are bouts of diarrhea that are followed by days of constipation and you also can experience strong abdominal cramping together with weird looking bowel movement output. What's also common for both of these conditions is that their symptoms get worse when you stress out. So, my advice - get a stool sample analysis and see what is really going on,

Wish you all the best,




tnx bro, Im anxious to whats happening in me :( i'll follow your suggestion.

tnx again :D hope this is not more serious :(